Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best For Babes

Since today is the last day of World Breastfeeding Week (and the first day that I’ve been able to write anything) I wanted to do an “official” Haute Mommy World Breastfeeding Week post. I breastfed Bryce for exactly a year. He started walking the day before his 1st birthday and self weaned the day after.

I just discovered the Best For Babes foundation last month and I love the “makeover” they are giving breastfeeding! Their haute logo is even featured on a Moby Wrap! (Get 15% off any Moby Wrap purchase with code "hautemoby" good through August 20th) Best For Babes believes that “women are being pressured to breastfeed but set up to fail!” So they want to help moms beat the “booby traps” or “barriers to breastfeeding success.”

Best For Babes Credo: “ALL moms deserve to make an informed feeding decision, & to be cheered on, coached and celebrated without pressure, judgment or guilt, whether they breastfeed for 2 days, 2 months 2 years, or not at all. ALL breastfeeding moms deserve to succeed & have a positive breastfeeding experience without being “booby trapped”!

Why can't breastfeeding be haute? Support Best For Babes on Facebook and twitter! Also, all proceeds from the Best For Babes Moby Wrap go to the Best For Babes foundation.

My haute breastfeeding picture (you may have to look closely) getting my hair done for the first time after my son was born!


  1. Great picture! It took me a second to realize what was in the picture, but it's probably the best BFing pic ever! Also, I love the Moby wrap! I highly suggest it to anyone having a baby!

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    Great Blog!!

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  3. Great post! I had such a hard time bfing, I felt totally stressed about the whole thing which in turn stressed out the babies. So it didn't work out :(

    You have an award!

  4. I love the post and picture and am a breastfeeding momma myself, sometimes I get self-conscious but I know I'm doing what's right for my family. Thanks for posting!!