Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Fankenstein Door

We just bought our first house last month and have heard that Halloween is a big deal in our development because it's the only place in our area where you can walk from house to house. (We moved from the city to the country) I wanted to do something cute to decorate our front door area for trick-or-treaters but didn't want it to be too scary for my 2 year old. I saw this idea posted on the Petunia Pickle Bottom Facebook page and decided to give it a try! It was SO easy!

What you need:
-green plastic tablecloth (unless your door happens to be green already)
-black & white felt
-glue & sissors

Cut the felt into the pieces shown above (the hair, 2 big white circles, 2 smaller black circles, black strips for the stitches, 2 small white rectangles & one larger black rectangle for the mouth) I found some "peel & stick" felt at Micheal's but only got it in white since I used the scraps from the hair for the rest of the black pieces. Cover the door with the tablecloth wrapping it all the way around and taping it to the inside of the door (the inside of my door doesn't look too pretty). This was the hardest part since I had to cut holes for the handle, hinges, etc. Then all you have to do is glue/stick the pieces to the tablecloth. And you have an adorable Halloween themed front door for under $10. Enjoy!

I promise it's green in person :)

Update: Here's a better picture I took on Halloween!

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  1. This is too cute! Although I'd never actually get around to doing it! :)