Monday, October 11, 2010

Mama Wants

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a live seminar given by Lisa Druxman (the founder of Stroller Strides) on her newest program Mama Wants. The DVD series, Mama Wants Her Body Back is different from Lisa's previous programs because it's just for mom! "The short 20 minute workouts take into account your busy lifestyle as a mom. Fit one in before your family wakes up, during a child's nap time or anytime that works for you. They're short but super efficient!" (If you're interested in learning how you can work out with your baby check out our giveaway of Lisa's book Lean Mommy) I just wanted to share some of the points from the seminar that have really stuck in my mind and that you can implement on your own.

*It's all about baby steps!*
-You don't have to make the best food choice, just make a better choice
-Engage your abs at all times... grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.
-Try to be a healthy example for your children; this will in turn make you eat healthier too

KEGELS. I've always heard people (doctors, celebrities, friends, etc.) talk about how important kegels are but I never understood why. The pelvic floor muscles are attached to your lower abs aka the mommy pooch! Seriously, put your fingers on your lower abs on the inside of your hip bones and above your pelvic bone and do some kegels right now! You can actually feel your lower abs muscles moving! And the best part is you can do them any time, even when you're driving! Lisa also talked about creating a "butterfly effect" by telling other moms what we learned so that they can tell other moms and so on... So please share these tips with other moms you know!

Lisa Druxman and I after the seminar.


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